Monday, January 29, 2007


US gov't suggests blocking the sun to prevent global warming

It seems the US government thinks the best way to deal with global warming is to block the sun. Either with giant mirrors or reflective space dust.

No, really.

They are serious.

From the Sidney Morning Herald
THE US wants the world's scientists to develop technology to block sunlight as a last-ditch way to halt global warming.

It says research into techniques such as giant mirrors in space or reflective dust pumped into the atmosphere would be "important insurance" against rising emissions, and has lobbied for such a strategy to be recommended by a UN report on climate change.
Of course, this might upset the oil companies, as they are already keen to take full advantage of the melting Artic ice. Via ThinkProgress
The Arctic region contains a quarter of the world’s remaining oil reserves, experts estimate. It also contains massive natural gas fields in the Barents Sea, including Russia’s huge Shtokman field. “By 2040 or 2050, the Arctic Ocean will be navigable and that will mean significant developments very soon,” said ArcticNet research group head Martin Fortier.

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