Saturday, February 19, 2005


Bush wants to censor fed employee's union

From STLtoday: Agency tries to halt union newsletter attacking Bush plan

The Department of Labor is trying to stop federal employees from receiving a union newsletter that includes an article critical of President George W. Bush's plans to change Social Security. The department has distributed the quarterly newsletter since 1978 to 7,500

[Labor Department's senior career ethics officer] Shapiro said the matter is being referred to the department's inspector general for possible violations of criminal law against lobbying.

Critics say that the department's rationale is a smokescreen and that the incident isn't the first time the department sought to limit material critical of Bush.

In December 2002, when a newsletter cartoon mocked Bush's tax policies as favoring the wealthy, the Labor Department blocked distribution, said Ron Yarman, president of the National Council of Field Labor Locals, which publishes the newsletter. The union filed a grievance, and members got the newsletter.

As this new batch of Dr Martins enters its second term, they become more and more under the power of control. All dissent is seen as a threat to its supply. The only way to guarantee continued control is to exercise it.

How much of the current media control is part of a master plan or are the actions being taken just the ones that happen when events are as they are now?

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