Monday, February 21, 2005


How many troops really killed in Iraq?

This entry is very speculative, and need much research before taken as close to fact.

Starting from uberblondie's Daily Kos diary How many troops REALLY dead in Iraq?, I end up the author's blog Suburban Guerrilla where the question of the Pentegon's casualty counting pratices are called in to question. Part of that entry is based on the Axis of Logic article The Mighty US GI's: Lied To, Used, and Losing by Amer Jubran. To quote:

Information about the number of US casualities in Iraq is available on a web site of the Pentagon or known as the "War Hub" at This information covers only those who are officially US citizens enlisted with different military services. Hired security contractors, or mercenaries, and recruits who are not citizens who enlisted to obtain a "green card," are not counted or mentioned. A large number of the green card recruits are from Mexico and Central America. There are no organizations to look after their rights or help them once they're in Iraq. Most of them are buried in Iraq when killed. A videotape produced and distributed by the "Majles Shora Al-Mojahideen in Fallujah," one of the most important military wings of the Iraqi resistance, showed a burial site discovered outside the Iraqi city of Samara with tens of bodies in US military body bags. The dead where dressed in US uniforms. It is estimated that as many as 40% of the US troops serving in Iraq are green card recruits.

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