Wednesday, February 23, 2005


We write letters

Following up on this RawStory article Democratic leadership joins call for Gannon inquiry; Whip calls on members to join push, I sent this letter off:

Dear Honorable Senator Sarbanes,
Dear Honorable Senator Mikulski,

I am writing you with regard to a letter I understand the Senate Democratic leadership is currently circulating. It is the letter written by Sen Richard Durbin calling on President Bush to “order a full inquiry” into how a “fake” journalist working for a “sham” news organization got access to the president. May I assume you are familar with this letter?

I write requesting you add your name to this letter. First there is the issue of how, in this time of hightened security, a "fake" journalist was allowed so close to the president. Secondly, and in my opinion more important, this episode adds to previous actions taken by this administration to manipulate the media and public opinion. In fact, the GAO has already shown some actions (the "fake" news segments) are most likely illegal.

For our party to have a fair chance at letting the people of this republic hear and understand our views and plans, the media *must* remain independent of those selected to govern. The White House's recent actions work to prevent this and must be challenged.

I kindly ask that you might take the time to communicate to me either that you plan to add your signature to Sen. Durbin's letter or provide an explanation of why this matter warrents different or no action.


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