Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Bush, State Courts and "err[ing] on the side of life."

It is time to start painting the Republician leadership as having no values. Saying they are hypocrites is too easy. Labeling a politicial as a "hypocrite" is like labeling a cat as furry. It is just assumed to be true. But these guys make it their identify that they are the "party of values". But it is becoming a straightforward exercise to point out all the inconsistencies the past week have exposed.

When at your core you lack values, your actions become inconsistent as how to achieve your goals shift. Pure and simple, what the Republician leadership seeks is power. If putting faith in the state courts is the path to power, then state courts are to be respected, Gore vs. Bush. This past week, when they thought it would sure up support with the religious right, Bush, Frist and DeLay run around crazy serving up disrepect on the state courts. We're seeing how well that is turning out.

From Newsweek's Senior Editor we get this lovely example of a Bush inconsistency:
Take a Look in the Mirror
By Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor and Columnist, Newsweek

When he was governor of Texas, George W. Bush presided over 152 executions, more than took place in the rest of the country combined. In at least a few of these cases, reasonable doubts about the guilt of the condemned were raised. But Bush cut his personal review time for each case from a half hour to a mere 15 minutes (most other governors spend many hours reviewing each capital case to assure themselves that there's no doubt of guilt). His explanation was that he trusted the courts to sort through the life-and-death complexities. That's right: the courts.
(spotted by ray z)

As Lakoff would frame it: It's all about a Power Grab

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