Thursday, March 03, 2005


Porter Goss overwhelmed by his job

From MyWay: CIA Director Goss Amazed at His Workload

In a rare public appearance Wednesday, CIA Director Porter Goss said he is overwhelmed by the many duties of his job, including devoting five hours out of every day to prepare for and deliver intelligence briefings to President Bush.

"The jobs I'm being asked to do, the five hats that I wear, are too much for this mortal," Goss said. "I'm a little amazed at the workload."

"I don't know by law what my direct relationship is with John Negroponte," Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld or other top officials involved with intelligence.

As Bush likes to point out: "Its hard work".

How about now, are you feeling safe yet?

Did you want to hear your public servant talk? Can you afford it?
Tickets to the event were sold to the public for $45.

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