Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Two sides of Iraq

From DailyKos: Where's the G**d**m $9 billion Mr. President?

Sen. Reid: What is the setting of that picture behind us?

Mr. Willis: That's the office of the advisers' group to the Ministry of Transportation. That's actually my desk right behind me. I'm the person in the middle there.

Sen. Reid: What are you doing with the money?

Mr. Willis: CPA headquarters. There was a payment due to Custer Battles of $2 million on July 31, 2003. And so we brought the money up, called in Mike Battles and said, "Bring a bag."...We played football with the plastic wrapped bricks for a little while. There is picture evidence of that particular transaction.

(picture from different day. Willis on the left)

I don't think the money was for these two, though.

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