Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Army Recruiters Threatening Arrest and Murder

From KHOU News, 11 News Defenders report leads to nationwide Army stand-down:
Sgt. Thomas Kelt left this message on that young man's cell phone:
"Hey Chris, this is Sgt. Kelt with the Army man. I think we got disconnected. Okay, I know you were on your cell probably and just had a bad connection or something like that. I know you didn't hang up on me. Anyway, by federal law you got an appointment with me at 2 o'clock this afternoon at Greenspoint Mall, okay? That's the Greenspoint Mall Army Recruiting Station at 2 o'clock. You fail to appear and we'll have a warrant. Okay? So give me a call back."
Listen to voicemail here.

Also from KHOU News, Former Army recruit says his life was threatened:
Will Ammons, 20, signed up for delayed entry at the Lake Jackson Army recruiting station last year.

"He told me I pretty much had two options," Ammons said. "I'd go before a judge and get a sentence of 15 years but he had the option to double it. It was either that or they were going to put me in front of seven other people with rifles and shoot me."

Army regulations say even those who sign up for delayed entry can change their minds.

And to round things out, this from CBS News, Army Recruiters Play Hard Ball
In Colorado, 19-year-old Michael Flaherty's recruiter gave him a laxative to lose weight to pass a physical. "They even told me not to tell my parents about it," Flaherty said. A form certified Flaherty physically fit -- complete with scores. "I never completed any of those tests and my recruiter faked the documents," he said.

From fake diploma's from phony schools, detox kits to beat drug tests, Denver's CBS station KCNC uncovered a number of recruiter fraud cases.

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