Thursday, May 26, 2005


"Meanwhile, Back in Iraq: BigOkie Edition"

Over at DailyKos, there is this moving diary :

Meanwhile, Back in Iraq: BigOkie Edition

Many of you who know me and read my posts know that my son, a Marine in the First Battalion, Fifth Regiment, is in Iraq for the third time since this little party began.
We got "the call" today.
It's a Marine sargeant. He tells us how our son has been wounded yet again--a part of Operation New Market. He says a roadside bomb exploded near the Humvee in which he is the gunner. He took shrapnel in his hands, arms, and face. He was "medi-vac-ed" out. He was "treated". He isn't "critical". He was sent back to his unit. Again.
My wife is a basket case. I cannot fucking stand it anymore.

These goddamned bastards are killing and maiming an entire generation of Americans and several generations of Iraqis. And they fill our airways with talk of valuing life and of "human dignity". Save the embryos, but fuck your children.

I just poured my fifth bourbon in an effort to quit feeling this pain and anxiety. The only thing I truly regret is that Dear Leader will never have to experience the fear and anxiety of having his children fight in an unjust war for the benefit of corporate whores. No, that is for the "little people".

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