Tuesday, July 12, 2005


London bombs of military grade

From The Times, Terrorist gang 'used military explosives':
A single bombmaker using high-grade military explosives is believed to be responsible for building the four devices that killed more than 50 people last week, The Times can reveal...They also believe that the materials used were not home made but sophisticated military explosives, possibly smuggled into Britain from the Balkans.

“The nature of the explosives appears to be military, which is very worrying,” said Superintendent Christophe Chaboud, the chief of the French anti-terrorist police, who was in London to help Scotland Yard.

Or maybe not from the Balkans. Remember Al Qa Qaa
AN IAEA Record of Monitoring Inspection for Al Qa Qaa for 14 January 2003 reported the following inventory:

The New York Times and CBS 60 minutes disclosed on October 25, 2004 that the IAEA reported that nearly 340 metric tons of high explosives had gone missing from the former military facility at Al Qaqaa.

"lost after 9 April 2003, through the theft and looting of the governmental installations due to lack of security".

If not London, when are these missing explosives going to show up? If they haven't already. I have been wondering for some time now: is there any forensic investigations taking place in Iraq? I can easily imagine the scene of a roadside bombing not being safe enough to investigate, but maybe some people might just prefer not to know the source of the explosives killing Iraqi and US personal.

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