Friday, September 16, 2005


FEMA gives Doctors mops while people die

From CNN, Leadership vacuum stymied aid offers:
Dr. Bong Mui and his staff, evacuated with 300 patients after three hellish days at Chalmette Medical Center, arrived at the New Orleans airport, and were amazed to see hundreds of sick people. They offered to help. But, the doctor told CNN, FEMA officials said they were worried about legal liability. "They told us that, you know, you could help us by mopping the floor." And so they mopped, while people died around them. "I started crying," he recalled. "We felt like we could help, and were not allowed to do anything."
(Video at CNN)
That has got to be criminal, even if the FEMA folks are federal workers. If you can get indicted for leaving old people to die in a nursing home, shouldn't there be indictments for those that keep doctors away from injured people dying.

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