Sunday, October 23, 2005


Miers, this is what we have to look forward to

From Knight Ridder Newspapers (one of my favorites), Miers family received 'excessive' sum in land case:
Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers collected more than 10 times the market value for a small slice of family-owned land in a large Superfund pollution cleanup site in Dallas where the state wanted to build a highway off-ramp...

Mediation efforts in 2003 reduced the award from $106,915 to $80,915, but Miers, who controls the family’s interest in the land, hasn’t reimbursed the state for the $26,000 difference, even after Bush appointed her to the Supreme Court...
And from Oct 21, I saw something concerning lawyers getting paid 10x the normal amount for electioneering work. Gets me to thinking...

Without Rove this is what happens. Karl is the one who knows which skeletons are hidden in which closets. Even if at one time Bush could keep track of such things, watching him these days it seems unlikely he is up to the task.

Without Rove around, expect continued flawed choices from the WH. It is likely by the end of the coming week, the tangle of lies Fitzgerald starts to pull out will be that which also knows where all the bodies are. Even if they manage to keep all that quite, those left in the WH will be stuck not knowing what past "short cut" lies waiting for payback behind each new decision to be made.

Their stuck in the astroid field without Han Solo. Not that Karl Rove should even be compared to Han. And yes, Han shot first!

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