Sunday, December 18, 2005


Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables

Kramerica was started by a handsome man with a dream. And an intern. (But he didn't stay the whole semester.) The dream was to build a global empire--I'm going global, Jerry!--that would produce products in exchange for money. Our original product line, including "The Matusi", an oversized dresser that could sleep up to four Asian businessmen, was less than a success for the company. But we were not deterred.

Our newest additions to the Kramerica catalog include The Butter Shave Kit and The Manssiere, and sales are already going through the roof. We expect The Executive to catch on soon as the northeast enters the wet and rainy season. Kramerica is indeed a company on the rise!

Now, you can learn more about the exciting world of coffee tables when you purchase the "Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables." This beautiful volume collects the greatest moments in coffee table history, in order, with pictures. Also, it comes with detachable legs that can be used to turn this unique tome into an actual coffee table! A coffee table book about coffee tables that turns into a coffee table? It's a coffee table lover's dream! Act now, while supplies last!

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