Wednesday, January 04, 2006


UK to honour Orwell with new paranoia-based ad campaign

From Alex Jones' Infowars, New Stasi style UK Anti-Terror campaign encourages reporting your neighbours:
The latest anti-terror advertising campaign by the London Metropolitan Police encourages the residents of London to actively spy on and report anybody, including their own neighbours, should they suspect them to be behaving in a suspicious way...

Five different posters have been designed to drill it into the minds of all Londoners that anyone they know could be a terrorist and they should report anything they don't like the look of to the authorities.

In addition to the "Terrorists need places to live" poster, there is one that informs us that "terrorists could use the river", another that suggests refunds to credit cards are terroristic, another that makes the point that "terrorists need vehicles", and finally a poster that suggests using a garage or lock up may be the behaviour of a terrorist.

So essentially the Met, in conjunction with British Transport Police, City of London Police, Transport for London and the Mayor's Office are informing us that you're likely to be a terrorist suspect if you sometimes get refunds, if you go on the river, if you live in a house and if you rent or buy a vehicle and keep it in a garage.

Good Lord, they're all around me! Get me the phone quick I need to report EVERYBODY I' VE EVER KNOWN.

The adverts are total fear based mind control and work on a number of different levels...
Alex Jones' article includes copies of the adverts, along with audio of a radio ad.

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