Sunday, January 01, 2006


Yet another Conspiracy to suppress the Truth

Save Greedo
In 1977 Greedo was hired by Jabba the Hut to collect a bounty on Han Solo. He was then brutally gunned down in the Mos Eisley Cantina... but he did not die. What followed has been categorized by some as a vast Jedi conspiracy to cover up this incident, ultimately making it look like Greedo shot first.

But for what purpose? Why was Han Solo protected? Who covered this up? The answers have eluded the public for 28 years. Here are some facts that are now known.
  • Greedo did not die that day. He was put into a persistant vegetative state due to his inuries.
  • His family, wife Meedo, son Teedo and baby girl Freedo, were left without a provider for their family.
  • The Rodian Insurance policy did not cover his medical bills, which have slowly piled up over 28 years. Your donations are welcome.

Obi-Wan Kenobi was the trigger man. No, not physically. Old Ben Kenobi used his force powers to make Han's blaster go off, maiming Greedo first. Was it because he needed Han's Ship? No. The answer will astound you.
Who was the real mastermind of this incident? Finally, thanks to years of research done by Greedo's son Teedo, the answer can be revealed.
Yoda had foreseen the fall of the Jedi, and had devised a plan to make sure the Jedi lived on. Yoda foresaw Han Solo and Leia Skywalker having children and repopulating the Jedi ranks. Efforts were exhausted to keep Han alive. And it was Yoda who contacted Obi Wan and told him where to find Han, and that he would soon be in great danger. A careful ruse to make this whole adventure look like it was about Luke and his father, and stopping the Death Star. They carefully wove the plot together.
Read the whole story over at Save Greedo.

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