Saturday, February 25, 2006


al-Qaeda claimed to have inflitrated the UAE gov't

From New York Post:
Al Qaeda warned the government of the United Arab Emirates more than three years ago that it "infiltrated" key government agencies, according to a disturbing document released by the U.S. military.

[From the message:] "You are well aware that we have infiltrated your security, censorship and monetary agencies, along with other agencies that should not be mentioned

"Therefore, we warn of the continuation of practicing . . . policies which do not serve your interest and will only cost you many problems that will place you in an embarrassing state before your citizens.

"Your homeland is exposed to us. There are many vital interests that will hurt you if we decided to harm them."

The document was among a batch of internal al Qaeda communications captured by U.S. forces in the war on terror.

They were declassified and released earlier this month by the Center for Combating Terrorism at West Point.

From the Center for Combating Terrorism, a summary of the letter in question:
Doc ID: AFGP-2002-603856
Date: 14/May/June 2002 (sic)
Author: Al-Jihad Qa’ida Organization
Title: Get the Idolaters out of Arab Island (Gulf Countries)

Synopsis: A warning to the officials of the United Arab Emirates to stop detaining Mujahideen sympathizers.

Key Themes: This letter signed by the Al-Jihad Qa’ida Organization warns officials that they risk retribution if they keep arresting and detaining Mujahideen sympathizers. The author boasts that the security agencies of the emirates have been infiltrated, and if the Americans are vulnerable so are they.

The tourist industry is described as shameless and the area is considered an easy target. Al-Qa’ida does not want to attack the Emirates, but policy in the area will compel an attack.
A pdf of the letter itself.

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