Friday, May 19, 2006


200 Campbell Soup Cans

Malanga: But what is the truth about automation?
Warhol: You don't have to think a lot.
Malanga: Would you like to replace human effort?
Warhol: Yes.
Malanga: Why?
Warhol: Because human effort is too hard.
Malanga: What will you do with all this leisure time created for you by automation?
Warhol: Sit back and relax.
Malanga: Will you devote yourself to life-enhancing hobbies?
Warhol: No.
Malanga: What does human judgment mean to you?
Warhol: Human judgment doesn't mean anything to me. Human judgment cannot exist in the world of automation. "Problems" must he "solved." Without judgment there can be no problems.
Malanga: Are you patient with little solutions and try to get as many as you can so they'll add up to something?
Warhol: What I try to do is to avoid solving problems. Problems are too hard and too many. I don't think accumulating solutions really adds up to something. They only create more problems that must be solved.
Malanga: Dissect the meaning of automation.
Warhol: Automation is a way of making things easy. Automation just gives you something to do.
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