Saturday, July 08, 2006


HDR Time Lapse

My latest experiment with my camera. A High Dynamic Range Time Lapse clip. This is 20 minutes from my office window compressed down to 11 seconds.

For each frame, I have the camera set to bracket the exposure +1,0 and -1 stops. Lacking a timer, I pressed the shutter release once every 5sec. I ended up with 624 640x480 jpegs. Taking them three at a time, I used PFScalibrate from the pfstools suite to generate 208 HDR images, one for each 5 second interval.
The resulting HDRI were tone mapped via the Fattal operator. Blender was used to composite the individual images into a movie. And YouTube is hosting.

Not counting the camera and computer, which I already owned, the total cost of this experiment: zero.

If you watch closely, you might notice a ghostly appearance to the people walking by. It takes a couple seconds for the Sony DSC-V3 to take the three bracketed exposures, during which time the people have moved. The cloud motion is slow enough for this not to matter.

You mention that you're looking for a timer.
I havn't seen one for your camera, but maybe you can retrofit a canon one from B&H photo (B&H# CATC80N3)
do you have a software that take the picture for you?
i have the same model of your camera and i´m looking for a software that takes the time lapsa for me.
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